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MW2 applications

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MW2 applications Empty MW2 applications

Post by PB D0MiiN4T3 Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:32 pm

Every PB apart from Admins will have to make a new application on this website if you aren't on the website when we start to boost on MW2 you won't be boosting with us. This is a must situation here and I think as soon as you get this message and if you want to boost with PB in MW2 then i recommend making your application now.

Application 1: http://www.pointboostingmw2.com/application-1-f9/
Application 2: http://www.pointboostingmw2.com/application-2-f10/
Host Application: http://www.pointboostingmw2.com/host-application-f11/
PB D0MiiN4T3
PB D0MiiN4T3

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